White Label Solution. EXANTE Trading Platform for Desktop, Web, Mobile
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Branded trading platforms
for financial institutions

A growing number of end users want to invest on their own using modern technology. Addressing this need, we deliver easily customisable, fully branded White Label solutions to financial institutions.

  • Multi-Asset Platform: 300K+ financial instruments from a single account

  • Desktop, web & mobile multi-asset trading platforms

  • New line of business in a matter of weeks


Why the White Label?

  • New source of revenue, higher ARPU
  • Flexible infrastructure: incremental growth of the server base
  • Dedicated resources, full customisation

In a matter of weeks, you can unveil a one-stop trading platform to your end clients

White Label Partner Perks

Real-time reporting and statistics for each end client

Direct market access to 50+ global markets

Diverse offering

  • Stocks, ETFs, bonds, futures, options, currencies, metals, hedge funds

Branded state-of-the-art platform

Personal manager to help with the trading platform, KYC, available instruments, OTC deals and more.

Transparency and full control over end client activity

Seamless customisation under your corporate branding

One-Stop Solution

A decade of trading experience delivered to you in an easily customisable, fully branded one-stop solution.

  • Easy setup
  • Dedicated tech resources
  • Fast time-to-market
  • Corporate branding
  • Security & transparency, full data encryption
  • High performance, ultra low latencies
  • Regular platform updates

Web & Mobile Platforms

The web platform features a number of technical features and analytical tools and operates with minimum bandwidth. With our native apps, customers can track their orders on the go.

The funds will always be at hand, just one click away, 24/7.

Your Logo

Pick the model that best fits your needs

We offer low entry barriers and flexible pricing models including one-off payment, fixed monthly fees, collateral funds and more. We are open to various forms of cooperation!

Client’s Area
Trading Terminals (Desktop/Web/Mobile)
Back Office
White Label Enterprise
Client’s Area
Trading Terminals (Desktop/Web/Mobile)
Back Office
White Label Pro
Client’s Area
Trading Terminals (Desktop/Web/Mobile)
Back Office

How to start?

  • Choose the White Label options/models with your dedicated manager
  • Sign a WL agreement
  • Get your branded trading solution on time and on budget


The Core supports operations with all classes of instruments: stocks, ETFs, bonds, futures, options, metals and currencies. This module facilitates everyday work of internal departments, including Finance, Trade Desk and Compliance. The Core allows financial organisations to do accounting, access all order details and open positions and monitor risks.

The Core caters to a wide range of operations:

  • Accounts and user operations
  • Authorisation and storage of permissions
  • Trades processing
  • Risk limit definition
  • Storage of trade and financial transactions
  • Storage of end-of-day (EOD) account statuses
  • Processing fees and commissions


Clients area






The platform includes Execution Gateways and Market Data Gateways, connecting to trading venues and data providers, respectively.

Gateways interact with a multitude of counterparties to:

  • Receive quotes
  • Perform risk checks on order placement
  • Send orders
  • Update order statuses

Client's Area

This module includes the end client's personal space and pulls data from the Core and CRM. It features an onboarding wizard, account details, settings and downloads.

The web edition also comes with the Client's Area.

Client's Area features:

  • Transaction filtering
  • Downloads
  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • Help and manuals
  • Performance reports
  • Legal history
  • Net asset value, data loss
  • Access rights
  • Commissions

The Client's Area can be easily integrated with third party systems as a one stop login solution.


Trading Terminal Modules

The terminal offers direct order execution, advanced Trade Desk features, hedging and risk management. Asset managers will value the transparent Multi-Account Management, Option board, Basket Trader and the opportunities to rebalance portfolios.

MAM (Multi-Account Management)

MAM (Multi-Account Management)

MAM allows you to place orders for a chosen financial instrument on several accounts, thus saving time on account management.
Option Board

Option Board

The module features a list of call options to the left and put options to the right. In between, you will find the contract execution prices (option strikes).
Basket Trader

Basket Trader

Drag instruments to Basket Trader, specify quantity and trade side, set a multiplier for the overall basket volume.
Bond Screener

Bond Screener

Bond searching tool — use multiple filters and criteria to find the most promising fixed assets on the markets.
  • Open Position
  • Trade Blotter
  • Current Orders
  • Account Summary
  • Margin Report
  • Chart
  • Magrin Depth
  • Basket Trading

Connectivity tools

API integration

Seamless connectivity

We offer seamless connectivity with the partner's existing systems. The Core and CRM APIs are available for third party integration. We also place orders and ensure trade execution for you.


Build your own financial apps

HTTP API enables you to design sleek, fast and data-rich financial applications — from smart messenger bots to wholesale trading solutions.


Full freedom of trading

Enjoy full freedom of trading on your end with FIX API, an electronic communication protocol for exchanging financial information. We support the full FIX Protocol ver. 4.4 — a de-facto industry standard for securities transactions and markets. Whatever your hardware and computing resources, trade with ease right from your server. Implement a wealth of new trading strategies with your own software and equipment.

  • Access any financial instruments available on the platform
  • Track orders execution
  • Get raw trade data or OHLC aggregated candles
  • Integrate with your back office and trading systems.
  • Place new orders or change the existing ones
  • Set up HTTP API in just a few minutes and feed real-time broker data.

Branding elements

We can customise the Client's Area to use the partner's branded imagery and even make code tweaks to ensure only the partner's name is featured.

Check out the full branding options!

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